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Lengkeng Amis
3 min readJun 22, 2022

This project is Excellent project and purposeful team. This project is the best I’ve ever seen. This project has a bright future. You will get a higher marketing Value. I wish to the project of explosive growths. A good project with a real priming. High ratings of agencies and a team with a Strong background this causes respect and confidence in the implementation of the Project.

This is the Very powerfully project, Because it had a target base future vision. Defiantly I swear this project will be success. This project have brilliant teams to support this project, step by step will make this project go to the moon. Good luck to this project and all his followers in the difficult matter. The project is ideal and understandable for everyone. good luck to everyone.

The company has introduced their three main features, which are beneficial for all the people seeking a convenient crypto platform:

  1. The powerful web 3.0 infrastructure solution proposed by Nody provides distributed and reliable infrastructure, one-click deployment and management to its users and crypto enthusiasts.
  2. The company also possesses features that power the Web3 ecosystem, enabling users to work with distributed node infrastructure for effortless dApps creation and integration.
  3. It contains automatic node deployment & management wherein users can launch nodes remotely and access them anywhere.

Moreover, Nody provides instant access to EVM networks via the WebSocket API or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure to seamlessly create the client’s dApps. Nody is dedicated to providing users with a dashboard that supports a wide range of customization. All services can only be obtained using the native currency of the Nody — NODY token (NODY). Token will have multiple utility functions, such as DAO voting power, staking etc. The platform offers the following exclusive services to the crypto enthusiasts:

  • Distributed and reliable infrastructure, one-click deployment, and management
  • Effortless dApps creation and integration
  • Remote node launch and access:
  • Automatic nodes deployment and management

June 21, 2022 — June has been quite a month for NODY community! Early Supporters Reward has been distributed to 5000 wallets, seed funding has been allocated and our community has been growing steadily. We are now preparing to launch NODY delegation service and staking.

What we have achieved so far:

WebSocket and HTTPS Support✅
Nody Closed Beta Launch✅
Dedicated Nody Dashboard✅
ETH Support✅
BSC Support✅
Campaign (Project Nody) ongoing

NODY, the distributed node infrastructure, has completed the Early Supporters Distribution. We would like to thank you for your support!

Please find the list of the wallets here

Intending users and potential dApp developers must visit the official website for further information. Visit Telegram, Twitter or Discord to connect with the community.



NODY Awesome project and strong team, in a predictable and transparent road map, planned and projected. I think in the near future I will see an unprecedented growth of this. This Project looks promising. I hope for the success of the team and the community supporting this project and I hope that it will last a long time. Good luck to the project!

The Project will be a huge success thanks to a strong and dedicated team, and of course an excellent product! Great idea! I recommend that everyone, Look it will make an amazing things in future With all advantages and solid team.

I hope this project will run smoothly and have great success in the future.That one of the best projects forever.



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