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In order to maintain fairness and transparency, the HXAcoin project has decided to generate its initial token supply through a public token sale. This approach ensures that every individual has an equal opportunity to acquire the tokens and participate in the project’s ecosystem. Moreover, strategic partners, team members, and community incentives will also receive token allocations, further promoting collaboration and engagement within the community.

To ensure the long-term value of HXAcoin tokens, the total supply will be limited to 500,000,000,000. This decision is aimed at creating scarcity and fostering potential value appreciation for token holders. By restricting the supply, the project seeks to create a strong demand for the tokens, thereby benefiting those who possess them.

By adopting this approach, the HXAcoin project aims to establish a fair and transparent distribution of tokens while also ensuring their potential value growth. This strategy not only enhances trust and credibility within the community but also encourages active participation and collaboration among all stakeholders.


The platform applies a multiplier to the rewards based on the length of the staking period, ensuring that users who demonstrate a greater commitment are appropriately rewarded. This system aims to encourage long-term participation and cultivate a sense of loyalty among the user base.

Staking HXA tokens on the platform entitles users to receive staking rewards.

These rewards will be distributed periodically, incentivizing participants to hold and stake their tokens within the ecosystem.

For staking HXA tokens user get the Herencia Points (HP) as a reward.

The more HXA tokens and longer user stakes — the more HP he will get:

  • Lock period: [4 weeks : 52 weeks] — the minimal and maximum periods of the staking
  • Lock period Multiplayer: [1x : 5,2x] — the multiplayer to get HP reward depends on period of staking


Herencia is revolutionizing the cryptocurrency space with its decentralized application that enables users to stake their HXAcoin tokens. This innovative feature allows participants to securely lock their tokens for a specific duration, earning rewards and unlocking a tier-level system.

As users actively engage in the staking program, they gain access to exclusive opportunities such as private sales of real-world items and enjoy additional benefits based on their tier status. By incentivizing users to hold and stake their tokens, Herencia is fostering a dynamic ecosystem that encourages long-term token ownership and participation. This approach not only promotes the growth of the HXAcoin community but also adds value to the overall ecosystem.

As the native utility token of the Herencia Artifex platform, HXA plays a vital role in facilitating various functions and services within the ecosystem. Given that it complies with the ERC-20 token standard for the Ethereum chain, it benefits from the established standards and infrastructure of the Ethereum blockchain.

HXA tokens serve as a utility token within the Herencia Artifex platform, granting users access to certain services, features, or content. Users may need to hold and use HXA tokens to participate in auctions, buy or sell NFTs, access premium features, or receive exclusive rewards.

HXA tokens could be used to incentivize users to contribute to the platform’s growth and engagement. For example, users might receive HXA tokens as rewards for participating in community activities, referring new users, or holding their tokens for a certain period (staking).

On the Herencia Artifex platform, users may use HXA tokens to pay for transaction fees, gas costs, or service charges, reducing the need for other forms of payment.

The project implements staking, HXA token holders have the opportunity to stake their tokens to participate in securing the network, validating transactions, or earning additional rewards.

Being ERC-20 compliant, HXA tokens are tradeable on various decentralized and centralized exchanges, enhancing liquidity and allowing users to buy, sell, or trade them as they see fit.

The Herencia token is the native utility token of the Herencia platform.

The main features:

  • Staking program
  • Collaboration with real-world items Brands
  • User-Tier levels system


1. Staking Program: HXAcoin offers a unique staking mechanism that allows token holders to lock or stake their tokens on the platform. By participating in this program, users can earn rewards for their staked tokens. These rewards can come in the form of additional tokens, discounts on purchases, and exclusive access to features and events. Staking provides an opportunity for token holders to actively participate in the HXAcoin ecosystem and be rewarded for their involvement.

2. Collaboration with Real-World Items Brands: Herencia, the company behind HXAcoin, aims to establish partnerships with renowned brands in the items industry. Through these collaborations, HXAcoin holders gain exclusive access to private clothes sales based on their staked tokens. This collaboration creates a highly sought-after ecosystem where token holders can enjoy unique benefits and privileges in purchasing items from these brands. It enhances the value proposition of HXAcoin by offering real-world connections and opportunities to its users.

3. User-Tier Levels System: The platform implements a tiered system that unlocks additional benefits based on the users’ staked HXAcoin tokens. This system rewards loyalty and incentivizes users to stake more tokens. As users increase their staked token holdings, they can progress through different user-tier levels, which come with increased privileges and access to exclusive content. This feature encourages token holders to actively engage with the platform, stake more tokens, and strive for higher user-tier levels, thereby fostering a sense of community and enhancing the overall user experience.

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