Financio Ecosystem
FINANCIO has a unique ecosystem which is designed to help provide the perfect Defi solution to all; it’s also a contemporary currency which means of acquiring requires extensive participation, the ecosystem consist of wild verities of ideas and people which is global and gives the required velocity, speed and direction to make sure that it meet’s the world’s innovation in bringing the future of the most blessed technology in the internet in the aspect of lotteries,staking,farming, and crypto stakes to perfection and more unique.


Financio, is a platform that brings together two of the most exciting technologies right now, Finance and Blockchain. The platform will look at the cultural impact of finance which will include public speaking events, workshops, and even training schools. You will be able to utilise the platform to create your own financial ecosystem.


There are some unique features in the financio platform which differentiates it from other decentralised financial platforms. Thus:

A unique investment tool, based on machine-learning algorithms creating investment portfolios with each investment decision made more precisely than the one before it.

With financio you can forget about the counterparty risk, high fees, and the endless hassle of managing your portfolio. You can manage your portfolio yourself or you can let our proven machine-learning algorithms do the job for you. You can also create your own investment portfolio based on our unique algorithm.

Crypto currency trading is a volatile and risky market. It is extremely difficult to predict which currency will go up and down in 24 hours. The financio platform will allow users to invest in different crypto currency and get daily returns or get out of the market anytime.

How it works
In Financio instead of the traditional way or will I say the old way of buying and selling tokens/crypto which is creating and placing of orders which is mostly done on the centralized exchanges, which makes the trader to wait until the order reaches his/her favor, Financio ecosystem eliminate that time of waiting and the process of placing order by operating on the most used and fasting trading system which is the decentralized exchange which employs liquidity pools to allow users to trade digital assets.

FINANCIO is decentralized token that aims at providing comforts to the users through its quality exchange. FINANCIO makes this possible by creating a user friendly exchange which allows users to connect his/her wallet, using the either trustwallet option, Metamask option,or walletconnect option, and after chosen the method which you prefer to connect your wallet with, you have to authorize the connection from your wallet, which will now grant the Financio Dex access to your wallet which gives you right to execute your swap in a cheaper and faster rate and still gives you back full control over your assets.

Features: Below are the list of features which comes together to make up the Financio ecosystem.


Financio Token allocation:
ICO Sale12 000 000 FIN (60%)
Exchange listings4 000 000 FIN (20%)
Marketing2 000 000 FIN (10%)
Development1 000 000 FIN (5%)
Team750 000 FIN (3,75%)
Airdrop250 000 FIN (1,25%)


The advent of cryptocurrencies has created a dilemma for investors, who are looking for potential investments. But, the problem is that there are no authentic information sources for gathering accurate and genuine information. The reason for that is that the current platform is not designed to help investors, since it is designed with corporate interests in mind. This gives rise to the need of a new platform that would be more beneficial to the investor. financio is a new platform that will resolve the aforementioned issues, since it provides the investor with the most genuine information on the market.

Financiers connect to the decentralized market directly, and the market is always aware of the price and real-time value of the projects. The project owner does not need to pay for the channel, and the channel does not need to be paid for by the project owner and can directly and independently operate and promote the sale of the projects. The channel and the project owner’s cooperation is completely free, without any trading platform or third-party agency fees! Only the project owner needs to pay for the advertisement fee to the channel. This is the financial market’s first place to allow for this kind.

Allow me to introduce to you the perfect Dex and Defi solution
Financio: Financio is a Decentralized Dex ecosystem, decentralized means it’s not governed by any government or monetary policy. Its gives user total control over its assets and provide additional advantage to users, to earn reward why using the exchange. Isn’t that awesome?! the ecosystem runs on the Binance Smart Chain which means low trading fee and fast transaction,an exchange which gives users the opportunity to trade and earn, stake and earn reward, play and earn reward and many more other in built features which are design to guarantees passive income earning through crypto.

The financio platform has been designed to assist you in making better decisions. The team at financio have a strong background in finance and technology and have been working hard to give you a platform that is going to be an invaluable tool. The financio platform will enable you to have a clear view of your personal financial situation. Keeping in view the increasing number of people getting involved in cryptocurrency and keeping in mind the likelihood of even more people investing in it in the future, we make an attempt to educate readers on how they can make an investment in the cryto market. Whether you are a crypto investor, a day trader or a passive investor, the financio platform will be extremely valuable to you. You will have better control of your money and be able to make better decisions.

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