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If you have read the book The Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki, attended a seminar on how to make investments, or read a book on how to become a large-income earner, you most likely have come across the image above.

For an individual to become a business owner or an investor and become financially independent, one should have multiple sources of passive income. This can easily be achieved by investing in businesses or assets with a healthy growth potential. Undoubtedly, one of such assets is gold.

What gold is and why you should buy some

Gold has always being a sought-after asset for investors and consumers alike; for investors — it provides a means to grow their investment over time and serve as a store of wealth, for consumers, however, it provides one of the finest materials for making luxury items — from cars to wristwatches, jewelry, and other Veblen goods. These have served to further increase the demand for the precious metal.

Gold over the years has proved itself a worthy investment. Over the past ten years, it has appreciated in value by over 97% making it one of the most desired items for luxury goods collectors.

The inefficient process of the gold purchase system

For the average investor, purchasing gold for the purpose of investment could not be any more tedious — from the filing of numerous paperwork for appropriate identity verification, the legal processes involved in the transaction, to the settlement of third-parties and the secure storage of the gold being purchased.

This process not only consumes time but also valuable resources. This has served to dissuade investors who do not have substantial capital from investing in gold.

How Digital Gold makes gold accessible to everyone!

The inefficient process for the purchasing of gold does not encourage small-capital investors, completely excluding a large percentage of active investors from the gold markets. In order to make gold available to all categories of investors, DIGITAL GOLD LTD has developed the token — GOLD.

GOLD or gold?

GOLD is a token compliant with the ERC20 protocol of the Ethereum infrastructure. A GOLD token provides coverage to one gram of fine investment-grade gold of 99% purity. This makes it easy to make small-sized investments in gold without the hassles of irrelevant paperwork, allowing for the instant and anonymous purchase of gold.

Since GOLD only provides coverage of the amount of gold purchased, the real gold which backs the GOLD token is physically committed to the company’s vault, hence, whenever GOLD tokens are purchased, an equivalent amount of gold is vaulted. Regular audits of GOLD and the amount of gold in the company’s vault is taken by the reputable BullionStar — a partner of the project. DIGITAL GOLD is a liquidity-provider, therefore institutional grade investors and large capital investors can make large GOLD purchases without the fear of insufficient gold supply.

Why you should purchase GOLD

GOLD provides holders with the security of purchasing gold while ensuring that tokens do not serve as just a store of value, unlike gold. GOLD holders can easily benefit from the price stability, long-term appreciation in the value of gold, as well as benefit from the use of the token for daily expenses and purchases. Some of the major benefits of the use of GOLD include:

Seamless, anonymous, and instant purchase of gold: Gone are the days of lengthy procedures and incessant paperwork just to purchase gold. Using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether, investors can easily and instantly purchase gold through GOLD. This eliminates unnecessary third-parties while making gold ownership easy and anonymous.

Secure storage of gold: Any investor looking to invest in gold has to have appropriate storage in place in order to ensure its security. GOLD token holders need not worry about such as the physical gold is securely stored in the DIGITAL GOLD company’s vault, ensuring asset safety at all times.

Access to fraud-free global markets: The gold market is a global one with numerous governments holding gold in its reserves. The gold market which is predominantly accessible to large capital individuals and institutions is made easily accessible to all cadres of investors through GOLD.

GOLD can also be used to hedge against various cryptocurrencies, providing capital security in the case of high volatility cryptocurrency market conditions due to its price stability.

How to purchase GOLD

Purchasing GOLD could not be any easier, the DIGITAL GOLD platform is a fully functional ecosystem which has its own marketplace. GOLD tokens can easily be exchanged for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether.

The marketplace is equipped with basic tools to assist with market analysis and price projection. The purchase and sale system is controlled by smart contracts, allowing for seamless transactions. Customer support is also readily available to assist individuals with queries and other relevant information on accessing the marketplace and other features of the platform.

In order to facilitate further liquidity for GOLD, it will be listed on more exchanges. GOLD is also available for purchase on Cryptex.


GOLD provides individuals looking to benefit from investing in gold with a highly liquid option which also provides them with an opportunity to leverage the benefits of blockchain technology which allows for trustless immutable transactions.

DIGITAL GOLD provides individuals with low-investment capital looking to invest in the gold and cryptocurrency markets for profits. It also creates a viable solution which facilitates the transitioning of individuals from employees to investors, enabling them to make investments and build themselves a passive source of income from the appreciation in the value of gold.

Interested in breaking free of the shackles of being an employee? Are you seeking to become a high net-worth individual? Why not find out more about DIGITAL GOLD, read the Whitepaper, or join the online community on Telegram, Twitter, or Facebook.

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