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According to the Global Economic Report, the Islamic finance sector was estimated to be $2.88 trillion in 2020. This figure includes various Islamic financial products such as Islamic banking, sukuk (Islamic bonds), takaful (Islamic insurance), and Islamic investment funds. These products are offered by Islamic financial institutions and are utilized by individuals and businesses seeking financial services compliant with Islamic principles.

The projected growth of the Islamic finance sector to $3.69 trillion by 2024 indicates an anticipated increase in its overall size over the specified time frame. Factors contributing to this growth may include the increasing demand for Sharia-compliant financial products, the expansion of Islamic finance into new markets, and the ongoing development and innovation within the industry.

It’s worth noting that these figures are estimates and subject to various economic factors and market conditions. Actual growth may vary from the projected numbers depending on global economic trends, regulatory environments, and regional factors influencing the Islamic finance industry.


Biokript exchange is built with security and customer support while at the same time giving the users full control of their funds. 2 Factor Authentication will be a requirement for all users in order to ensure safety of those accounts. To fully secure all accounts, 100% of users’ funds will be locked in a smart contract which is unhackable unlike centralized exchanges. User’s IP address will be whitelisted and if the account is accessed from a different IP address, the user will immediately get notified.

Biokript’s customer service will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and users will be able to contact our representatives through phone calls or live chat system for immediate help.

Biokript’s goal is to create a community of people willing to educate themselves and are open to help others. We will do that through our social media connections and our affiliate program where you can invite friends to trade on our platform and receive 25% of their trading fee.

Biokript will initially offer 3 fiat currencies for deposits and withdrawals: USD, EURO, and BAM with many more coming in the near future. All of our cryptocurrencies will also be paired with those currencies.

Since we are fully compliant crypto exchange, all of our users will have to go through KYC/AML from the very start if they are trading with fiat currencies. We’ll implement this process right after the user registers his or her account.


Token sale: 35%

Treasury, airdrops, community: 30%

Founders and team: 15%

Listing and liquidity: 15%

Advisors/Ambassadors 5%


October 31, 2022: Private Sales — Round A:

2% — 10M tokens at $0.005/ 10% at TGE[1] then 10% quarterly

June 27th 2023: IDO — Initial DEX offering

15% — 75M tokens, 100% unlocked

August 5th, 2023: IEO — Initial CEX offering

18% — 90M tokens, 100% unlocked

Biokript exchange plans to offer Biokript tokens (BKPT) as a means of fundraising for their startups. In this model, investors who hold BKPT tokens will have the opportunity to receive several potential benefits. These benefits may include:

Percentage of Trading Fees: BKPT token holders may be eligible to receive a portion of the trading fees collected on the Biokript exchange. This arrangement allows token holders to passively earn income based on the trading activity on the platform.

Percentage of Listing Fees: Biokript exchange may charge fees for listing new cryptocurrencies or tokens on their platform. BKPT token holders could potentially receive a percentage of these listing fees as an additional source of revenue.

Profit through Price Appreciation: As the Biokript exchange grows and becomes more successful, the value of the BKPT token may increase. This potential price appreciation allows token holders to benefit from the success and growth of the exchange.

It’s important to note that the specifics of these benefits and their distribution can vary depending on the terms and conditions set forth by Biokript. If you are considering investing in Biokript or participating in their token sale, it’s crucial to thoroughly review their official documentation, such as the token sale whitepaper or investment agreement, to understand the details and risks associated with the investment. I will provide the information below this article.


Biokript aims to provide a secure solution for self-custody of cryptocurrencies while offering traders the convenience and efficiency typically associated with centralized platforms. This hybrid approach attempts to address the needs of users who value both security and ease of use in their cryptocurrency trading activities.

Self-custody refers to individuals having full control and ownership of their cryptocurrency assets, typically through the use of personal wallets and private keys. This approach gives users direct control over their funds and reduces reliance on third-party custodians.

By offering a secure solution for self-custody, Biokript aims to enhance the safety and privacy of users’ cryptocurrency holdings. This may involve implementing robust security measures, such as multi-factor authentication, hardware wallet integration, and encryption techniques, to safeguard users’ assets.

At the same time, Biokript aims to provide a user-friendly and efficient trading experience akin to centralized platforms. This can include features like a user-friendly interface, advanced trading tools, order matching, and liquidity provision to ensure smooth and seamless trading activities.

By combining the benefits of self-custody with the convenience of a centralized trading platform, Biokript aims to offer a comprehensive solution that caters to the security-conscious traders’ needs.

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