0xpad Set to decentralize seeding funding.

Project Overview

0xPAD is a multi-chain LaunchPad and a Decentralized Incubator Protocol. It is a blockchain project that is set to decentralize seed funding and angel investing, while bringing innovative ideas, projects and opportunities to our supporters.

0xPad operates as a decentralized launchpad and incubator protocol, as such, angel investing/seed funding is distributed/decentralized as it should be. This gives everyone the opportunity to partake. 0xPad maintains a well-rounded vetting process during the project selection stage. Detailed evaluations of the project’s use-case, roadmap, tokenomics, vesting timeline and other important aspect of the project are carried out.

At 0xPad, security is of utmost importance, several security tools and measures such as the use of multi-sig vaults for funds and a robust transaction validation mechanisms are implemented. In addition to these, several layers of security checks are configured on the platform.

Sale Details:

  • IDO Access:Stakers and Guests
  • Token Distribution:100% at TGE
  • Token Price:0.06 BUSD
  • Sales pool size:13,000,000
  • Symbol:0xPAD
  • Total supply:100,000,000
  • Softcap/Hardcap450K/720K

Project Support Goals

0xPAD aims to provide innovative projects and ideas with the support and resources they need to succeed. Such projects are either supported in early seed funding stage through our incubator program or in the market entry stage through our LaunchPad. The Incubator program provide selected projects with development funds and other resources such as access to experienced developers who would help build products, marketing team to aid with business growth and any other kind of supports that such a project might need. The LaunchPad help projects that already have products and are ready for market entry. The LaunchPad helps these projects to run quality and well coordinated IDO or token generation events. 0xPad adopts a solid marketing strategy with lots of marketing partners to ensure that the IDO events are successful.

Best Earning and Investment Opportunities for Users

Users of 0xPad gain early investment opportunities to high quality and innovative projects on a regular basis. Our users can invest in these projects at the seed funding stage through our novel decentralized incubator protocol or in the market entry stage by participating in IDO or token generation events held in our LaunchPad. This gives our users entry points that maximizes the turnover potential of their investments. In addition to these, users also earn great staking and liquidity mining rewards.

How to Participate as a User

People can participate in two ways; as guest or as members, the participation type determines the allocation the user receives. Guest participants receives the lowest allocation and it is not guaranteed while member participants receives a guaranteed allocation with ranging size depending on membership level or tier.

The different requirements for each participation type and membership levels will be discussed here.

As shown in the chart below, users can participates either as a guest or as a member. The requirements for each participation type is as follows:

Guest Participation

A user who is not a member (not staking 0xPAD token or 0xPAD LP tokens) can still participate in IDOs as a guest. To participate as a guest, the following requirements need to be met:

Guest participants must whitelist their address in order to participate. It is recommended that a guest participant get his/her address whitelisted early, typically 48hrs before the IDO starts.

Whitelisted wallet need to hold 0xPAD tokens, the IDO allocation received by a whitelisted address is proportionate to the amount of tokens held. For example, if a whitelisted wallet holds 0 tokens during the IDO, such an address will have 0 allocation.

Additional steps may be needed during whitelisting. For example, a guest participant may be required to like and retweet certain posts during whitelisting.

Note: Guest participation allocation is not guaranteed.

Member Participation

A user who stakes his/her 0xPAD tokens or stake LP tokens of 0xPAD automatically becomes a member. A member enjoys so many benefits such as guaranteed IDO allocation, early access, staking/yield farming rewards, voting rights and access to the incubator feature.

There are four different categories or tiers of membership, these are discussed in the order of lowest to highest tier as follows:

Bronze Membership: To become a Bronze member, a user needs to stake 0xPAD token in the Bronze staking vault. Bronze membership is the lowest membership type or tier. Members of this tier enjoy a guaranteed allocation in IDOs and the allocation is higher than guests allocation. In addition, Bronze members enjoy staking rewards, have voting rights and also have access to the incubator feature.

Silver Membership: To become a Silver member, a user needs to stake 0xPAD token in the Silver staking vault. Silver membership is a tier higher than bronze membership and members of this tier enjoy a guaranteed allocation in IDOs, and their allocation is higher than the Bronze allocation. Similarly, Silver members enjoy staking rewards, have voting rights and also have access to the incubator feature.

Gold Membership: Stakers of 0xPAD tokens in the Gold Vault are Gold members. Gold membership is a tier higher than Silver membership and members of this tier enjoy a guaranteed allocation in IDOs, and their allocation is higher than the Silver allocation. Similarly, Gold members enjoy staking rewards, have voting rights and also have access to the incubator feature.

Platinum Membership: There are two was of becoming a Platinum member, either by staking 0xPAD tokens in the Platinum staking vault or by staking 0xPAD’s LP tokens in the 0xMine Vault. This is the highest membership or tier level and members of this tier get the highest guaranteed allocation in IDOs, they also enjoy the highest staking/liquidity mining rewards, they have voting rights with the highest voting weight and also have the most access to the incubator feature.

Who are the Team Members?

As it is the intention of 0xPAD to operate as closely as possible to a truly decentralized organization, 0xPAD adopts a two layer governance system. This is made up of governance at organization level (Level 1) by elected and partner blockchain projects and governance at membership level (Level 2) which is by the user.

At this early stage, the team is made up of the co-founder and lead product developer in the person of Austin Desmond who is greatly supported in this mission by great team members, developers and advisors that are being brought together from all of the partner blockchain projects.

Some of the projects include:

  1. ETNA Network||Games: https://www.etna.network/
  2. Solid Proof: https://solidproof.io/
  3. Quillhash: https://www.quillhash.com/
  4. Certik: https://www.certik.com/
  5. Unicrypt: https://unicrypt.network/
  6. And many more.

It should be noted that some of these partnerships have been reached and some are still been discussed. As such, we will be announcing them and the nature of the partnership as the weeks go by.


0xVault Pool: Token Staking Feature

The 0xVault pool is made up of 4 staking pools, each with a different lockup time and APR. The longer the lockup time, the higher the IDO/Incubation allocations, the voting right and the APR.

The 4 different 0xVault pools are as follows:

BRONZE Pool has a lockup duration of 3 days and an APR of 5%. The APR is equivalent to 5.1% APY, with staker compounding ones in 24hrs.

SILVER Pool has a lockup duration of 30 days and an APR of 10%. The 10% APR is equivalent to 10.52% APY, with staker compounding ones a day.

GOLD Pool has a lockup duration of 180 days and an APR of 20%. The 20% APR is equivalent to 22.1% APY, with staker compounding ones a day.

PLATINUM Pool has a lockup duration of 365 days and an APR of 40%. The 40% APR is equivalent to 49.15% APY, with staker compounding ones a day.

Functionality of the 0xVault pool are as follows:

1.It is important to note that if you are staking in more than one pool, your membership corresponds to the highest pool you are staking in by default.

2.You cannot unstake before the lockup duration expires.

3.If you are already staking in a pool, you can always stake additional tokens. Note that staking additional tokens to the same pool will restart the lockup duration.

4.Yields accumulated can be compounded manually, anytime by using the restake button; this action does not reset the lockup duration.

5.Yields can be withdrawn anytime by using the withdraw button; this does not reset the lockup duration.

6.After lockup duration expires, stakers can continue to stake and keep earning the APR of the respective pools.

7.After lockup duration expires, tokens can be unstaked partially or in whole. If user unstakes part, the lockup resets for the remainder.

0xMine Pool: Liquidity Mining Feature

0xMine gives liquidity providers great yields in 0xPAD. The current APR for liquidity mining is at leaset 100%. This feature allows users to mine 0xPAD Token on Binance Smart Chain.

For mining to be done, 0xPAD liquidity pairs needs to be added on Pancakeswap

Pairs supported are 0xPAD — BNB and 0xPAD — BUSD.

After liquidity has been added, the user then needs to stake the LP tokens obtained in 0xMine.

Functionality of 0xMine are as follows:

1.There is no lockup time for liquidity mining.

2.Miners can add more liquidity or remove liquidity at any time.

3.Yields can be withdrawn at any time.

4.Yields withdrawn within the first 24hrs attracts a 10% tax. After 24hrs, the tax on the yield drops to 0%.

Join now:

Website official: https://0xpad.io/

Bitcointalk username: bawaberkahh
Bitcointalk Profil link:
Bsc wallet address: 0xdb71132B4a73D3Ad48F2eb3F1F2d696d7D035AFc



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